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Welcome to Bunnymanbooks! On this site you'll find information about my children's books, including descriptions of the stories, the inspiration behind each, illustrations, and interactive versions of my books complete with audio. You can also view my blog, contact me, and make purchases.

Bunnymanbooks started on a whim. The story of Mr. Bunnyman had been brewing in my head for months, so I put it to paper and decided to try my hand at illustrating it. My artistic ability was limited to stick figures, and my self-confidence was nil, but I pressed on. The end result, to my delight, was Mr. Bunnyman, a precious keepsake for my son’s first birthday. With a whole lot of encouragement from friends, I published Mr. Bunnyman. I set up a fund tied to Bunnymanbooks so all sales would automatically be set aside for my boy. With still more encouragement, I continued. 26 Wishes followed the next year, and then Journey Through DreamlandRuby Grace: The Snow AngelTrain Track Dubey, and most recently More Than That. I combined my favorite illustrations from all six books and released a coloring book too.

Making these children’s books is my passion. Each book is a memento of a moment in time spent with my son. Each story is also an artistic journey for me. In each book, I try to combine love, relationships and friendships with something educational. There are opportunities to explore colors, letters, counting, adventure, magic, and imagination. Equally important for my son, are critters, creatures and any form of transportation. From capturing the story, to the illustration process, I find joy in bringing my son’s suggestions to life and making a creative keepsake to share. I love that I am able to share them with you. Enjoy exploring this site. If you have kiddos, make sure to check out the “Listen” button under each book.   

Chidlren's books, Mr. Bunnyman, Train Track Dubey, More Than That, Journey Through Dreamland, Ruby Grace