26 Wishes is my second children’s book. My son was just learning his letters and I wanted to explore a different way of presenting the alphabet. Frustrated by so many options that listed A is for Apple and N is for Narwhal, I wanted to make a book that I wanted to read, but still have the teaching points that were appropriate for my little guy. I was also inspired by the spirit of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” I love the idea of a children’s book that has richness and meaning well after the toddler stage. I tried to combine creative concepts with hopes I have for Liam’s life, connect each of those to a letter, and craft a bedtime story that offered my deepest wishes in a way that was still engaging to my young audience. The result is a book that combines poetry and art with being generous and nice. A heartfelt wish to be extraordinary and find your voice combined with taking risks and enjoying the silence. What other alphabet book have you come across that encourages a “yowl” or to walk barefoot in the grass? By capturing these things I was able to create a keepsake of who I remember I am, because he came into my life.

Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me and I find joy and brilliance in that every day. I hope that through writing and illustration I am able to capture some of that happiness and wonder and share it with you.

Look for hidden treasures in this book. My son is truly my inspiration. His hand was used for the letter N illustration and his name is spelled out in each of the glow bugs wings. My personal favorite illustration is the purple zebra for letter E, while Liam loves the Bear for letter B.

I is for imagination

Believe in the crazy

Like a polk a dot robot

With the head of a daisy.

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