Journey Through Dreamland is my third children’s book, written when Liam was three, and going through a phase where he refused to go to sleep. My writing challenge was to create a story that made sleep seem interesting, and to fashion an adventure story that made bed time seem exciting. I also wanted to try and capture all the crazy thoughts and ideas my son was coming up with, and tie them together into a bedtime story.   

Journey Through Dreamland takes you on a magical exploration through the land of mashed potatoes, past the home of fairies, through space, the jungle, and finally on the dream train. This bedtime story tells the whimsical tale of what happens, and who you meet, when you finally close your eyes and fall asleep. It follows the hero and his best friend, Mr. Bunnyman, on charmed travels, using multiple forms of transportation, and follows them from when their heads hit the pillow to when the sun rises the next day.

As a parent of a toddler, I was always in search of the next best bedtime story. To this day, a typical night for us consists of multiple books read multiple times. Once the books are read, my son usually asks me to make up my own story. Many of the events, characters, and modes of transportation in Journey Through Dreamland are creations from my son, or realized during the impromptu story telling portion of our nightly bedtime ritual.  Written in poetry form, illustrated with bright bold imagery, and with the reoccurring character of Mr. Bunnyman, Journey Through Dreamland, will capture children’s attention and imagination, and is the answer to the nightly request of “read me a story.” This book is a must for any child’s library. 

Look for hidden treasures in this book. Liam’s ideas are everywhere; the sleeping fish and the marshmallow pillow, the french-fry king, and the planet of cheese are just a few. 

Next stop is on the Dream Train,

our adventure is almost done

Back in bed to finish dreaming,

and then wake up with the sun.

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