Mr. Bunnyman is my first book and a love letter to my son. I was in a daze of emotion after having Liam. Writing and illustrating Mr. Bunnyman gave me an outlet to capture and communicate my feelings.

I cherish the memory of holding my son the first time in the hospital, watching as his tiny hand gripped my finger, taking in every inch of his perfectness. A short time into our stay, the nurses nestled a small white bunny in his crib next to him. Liam instantly took to the toy. I remember picking up my newborn son as he clutch Mr. Bunnyman and looking at his little face and saying, “I love you times a million, I love you times a billion, I love you times a trillion, I love you my baby.”

From there the rest of the book fell into place. I drew pictures to accompany the story and tied it all into a scrapbook for Liam’s first birthday. If not for the encouragement of friends and family, this children’s book would have remained strictly in the Hazen household. I am so lucky to have the support of so many and am honored to share it with you and your family.

At its heart Mr. Bunnyman is a children’s story about friendship. It tells the tale of first best friends between a bunny and a newborn and what happens to their relationship as they grow. Mr. Bunnyman is a children’s story about love, the bond we make, our connection to one another, and the beauty of imagination. 

I love you times a million

I love you times a billion

I love you times a trillion

I love you my baby

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