Up to this point I have written and released books to celebrate my son’s birthdays. Ruby Grace: The Snow Angel, is a bit of a one off. Much like Mr. Bunnyman the story of Ruby Grace: The Snow Angel fell out of my head and I couldn’t wait until May to write it down and illustrate it. Without purposeful intent, I returned to my roots and wrote a poetic tale of relationship.

Ruby Grace is about the journey of a special little cherub. An angel who is just passing through, but in her wake leaves a lasting impression on every life she touches. In my own evolution I have been struck by the power some life experiences and encounters have. I wanted to capture that message and feeling. The creative expression became a cathartic experience. Although the words remain simple and truthful to the children’s book format, every word is intentional, and every picture has continued my development as an illustrator. I attempted to capture the wonder of the season and the things that I truly marvel at and make me happy. I found inspiration by being outside and taking in and listening to the nature that was around me. My son, on the other hand, was excited to have mommy draw his current favorite animal (squirrel).  He has also named one of his red matchbox cars “Ruby Grace”, which I take as high praise.

This book is a little different than the other three, in that it doesn’t specifically follow a life event in Liam’s life, but it is very much based on a significant event in my life. One I needed to capture, work through, and release to the universe.

Ruby Grace: The Snow Angel is a poetic tale that explores the impact brief encounters and experiences can have. It reminds us to honor the relationships that move us.

She arrives on the back of a chickadee,

when the first winter chill

kisses the morning mist. 


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