All my books are based on different stages of my son’s life. As I released Train Track Dubey, Liam turned four. During this stage of his life he was either a sweet inquisitive boy who was outgoing and talked my ear-off, or a shy boy who hid and turned into a “kitten” that was afraid of anything new. During a family beach vacation, Liam met and fell in love with the community cat (or as he called it “kitten”) who he affectionately named “Train Track Dubey”.  

Inspired by the ocean, Liam wanted me to write a book about the kitten, a mermaid, an octopus, and a boat. I had been wanting to write a book about making friends, but I also wanted to address the importance of being open to friendships with people who seem different. I wanted to explore a twist on the familiar lesson of; “not judging a book by its cover”. The two ideas came together to create Train Track Dubey.

Train Track Dubey is a story about a lost kitten and his journey to find his way home. It’s about the individuals Train Track Dubey meets during his adventure and who he ends up becoming friends with. It is an adventure story about the magic of friendship. There are lots of creatures in this book, (all inspired by my son); including a mermaid, a spider, and a sloth. This book explores what can happen if you are open to unlikely friendships and the importance of getting to know those that are different from you. 

Look for hidden treasures in this book. This story is inspired by a family trip to the ocean resort Seabrook, and the “kitten” friend my son met there, Dubey. I love mermaids and Liam was going through a sloth phase. This book has both. Never having much personal experience with cats, I asked friends to send in ideas about what cats do. Catching bugs, playing in boxes, and sleeping were all ideas from my great support system.

Even though we are different,

we have some things in common.

I’m so glad I got to know you

and I am happy we are friends.

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